Polished Plaster London - Marmorino Spatula Staircase
Polished Plaster London - Marmorino Spatula Staircase

Venetian Polished Plaster London & Concrete Plaster Finishes

Marmo Stucco Ltd are an exclusive polished plaster company specialising in Venetian Polished Plaster applications and Decorative surface finishes, predominantly operating throughout London and Surrey as well as the U.K's major cities. Our experience spans all sectors such as hi-end residential and commercial projects including retail environments, restaurants, bars and office spaces.


We work alongside some of London's and the U.K's major construction companies as well as award winning interior designers and architects creating stunning Venetian Polished Plaster interiors that we are extremely proud of. A selection of past projects can be viewed via our portfolio


A select showcase of our past projects

Our urban concrete Venetian plasters

The classic Polished plaster finishes

Request a Polished Plaster Sample


We create samples to order in your specified finish and colour choice. To request samples email info@marmoplastering.co.uk letting us know your finish and colour choice. 


We can also perform bespoke colour matches upon request.


Marmo Stucco's Latest Polished Plastering News


Keep up with our activities along with Venetian Polished Plaster projects and all things Marmo.


LEON Cheshire Oaks - Marmorino Polished Plaster - 23.06.19

Nandos Eltham - Peri Peri Concrete Polished Plaster - 04.03.19

Royal Opera House, Pitted Polished Plaster - London. 21.09.18

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Marmo Stucco Ltd.


Venetian Polished Plaster specialists operating through out London & the UK.



Tel: 020 3713 8318


Email: info@marmoplastering.co.uk

Email: richardpearce@marmostucco.co.uk


Office: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm

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Venetian Polished Plastering London


At Marmo Stucco we specialise in beautiful Venetian polished plaster London applications predominantly in the London and Surrey area. We also have a wide range of concrete effect polished plastering wall finishes and Decorative Paint finishes throughout London the UK and abroad. We apply our venetian polished plaster to all areas in London including Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill. In Surrey we have worked in the Weybridge area as well as Oxshott and Esher. We work alongside major construction companies, architects and interior designers in and around London. Here at Marmo we offer wide range of Venetian marble plastering and venetian Polished Plastering finishes ensuring we have the perfect Polished Plaster finish for your U.K or London based project. 


We offer a professional and friendly service to all our private and commercial clients throughout London, Surrey, the UK and abroad. All our work is carried out by trained specialist applicators to the highest standards with superior attention to detail. Here at Marmo our mission is to produce world class Venetian polished plastering applications we achieve this by only using the finest authentic Venetian polished plasters from our Italian based supplier applied by our highly trained and vastly experienced marble plaster applicators. 



We are a team of Venetian Plaster artisans with a passion for creating unique and beautiful Venetian Plastering finishes. We will work with you from the conception of your ideas and goals through to completion of the work to ensure a unique finished project tailor made to your specific requirements. Whether a classic Polished plaster interior or a more urban Concrete plaster.



We specialize in beautiful Venetian Plastering applications and lime-based decorative paint finishes in and around London and Surrey. We work alongside major construction companies, architects and interior designers in and around London and Surrey. We offer an infinite range of Venetian Plaster finishes.

We offer a professional and friendly service to all private and commercial clients in and around London and Surrey. All our work is carried out by trained specialist applicators to the highest standards with superior attention to detail. We only use authentic Italian Venetian plasters imported direct from italy.



Concrete Plastering London


Our Polished plaster Concrete finishes have been designed to recreate the effect of concrete in different forms, from polished concrete plaster effects to pitted and distressed concrete plastering effects. Our concrete plaster finishes can be adjusted to suit your taste and also produced in a block or brick effect. These finishes have a very urban feel and distinctive modern look. Concrete plasters have been a long lasting trend in London for the last few years. You will find many examples of our concrete work in London’s trendy bars and commercial settings, we have also applied these plaster finishes to residential projects giving the interiors a very trendy look. We can also make walls look and feel like poured honed concrete or we can produce distressed walls that look and feel like aged concrete we have a variety of, polished concrete plaster finishes.



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Venetian plastering London & surrounding areas


Venetian polished Plastering can emulate the gorgeous and glamorous look of polished marble or natural limestone to your interior plus many more natural finishes. Marmorino Spatula is a smooth finish with huge depth and deep lustrous shine is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone appearance of natural marble surfaces, adding visual interest depth and charm. The warm hues of Venetian polished Plastering are suited to high hand classic interior spaces from residential commercial and retail to more urban settings like bars clubs and pubs. You can bring your space to life with the unique decoration of a polished plaster concrete finish. These include, Honed, Distressed and polished finishes plus many more.


Marmo stucco is an Exclusive Company based in Surrey and London dedicated to Excellence, Craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. We can offer an infinite range of venetian polished Plastering designs to our London clients and Finishes to suit your interior style needs and place guarantees on all work produced. to provide a professional and friendly service to all our customers. We are proud to be using the best possible polished plasters on the market from our Italian based supplier. Data sheets and technical information about our venetian polished plastering products and manufacturer can be provided upon request.







What is Venetian Polished Plastering?


Polished plastering covers a huge range of different types of decorative plaster finishes and the most authentic wall and ceiling veneer finish you can have. Venetian Polished plaster consists of mainly marble dust, slaked lime, and marble chips and this is exactly the reason why it has such a distinctive look. The main use of polished plaster is on walls as well as ceilings. Typically applied over a primer as well as a key-coat base, layering can be as many as 4-7 times. It is also sealed using a layer of wax for added luxury feel and protection to give a stunning finish.


Polished Plastering start to finish


Polished Plaster is an Old World technique that started limestone rocks from rivers or quarries. By the use of heat, water and time, the limestone was turned into an amazing slaked lime mix. Mixed with a range of colorants and marble chips, and applied via steel trowels with refined artisan techniques, Polished Plaster turns an ordinary wall or ceiling into a bespoke masterpiece




This material creates the distinct translucent texture of polished plaster. For centuries, fine artisans have been creating beautiful walls through the use of limestone plasters coloured with natural ingredients. As you travel through the Mediterranean countries you are able to see these walls, softened with a rich patina by age. But you don’t need to travel to Europe any longer as these plaster techniques are here at Marmo. They have caught the attention of Interior Designers and Architects in a major way here in the UK. Although some Venetian Plasters are polished or “burnished” with a sheen, techniques have been developed to give a multitude of different effects from suede to marble to stone, we even have full rust effect finish that can lend itself as far as you imagination will allow! It is through the artisan’s imagination and the refinement of technique that truly wonderful effects are created. These effects can be used in many styles. 


How is polished plaster made


The process of making the polished plaster involved baking the mined limestone (calcium carbonate) in ovens or kilns at between 850-1300 degrees Celsius, producing calcium oxide (quicklime), which is then slaked with water to produce calcium hydroxide. The mixture is then left to mature in maturation tanks. Roman law required the slaked lime to be aged for a minimum of 3 years. This process is called hydration. The result is lime putty or grasselo, also known as non-hydraulic (it will not cure under water), hydrated, because the lime is chemically bound to the water, or aerial lime because it requires exposure to air to cure. Next, the slaked lime putty is filtered and mixed with marble flour, kaolin, marble dust or quartz to produce a variety of decorative plasters.




      What is Polished Plaster , Stucco Plaster?


Polished Plaster is a smooth shiny plaster made from Lime putty and Carrara marble powders. It is a natural Lime based plaster that requires a specialist application.


          Where does Polished Plaster, Stucco come from?


The Polished Plaster that marmo stucco supplies comes from Italy. This is now a global brand supplying Polished Finishes to homes and businesses all over the world.


      Why are there different terms for Polished Plasters?


Many refer to it as Marmorino, Venetian Plaster, Stucco, Lucidato, Spatulata, Veneziano plus others. These terms can mean the same style of product or something very different depending on how companies brand their product. Always request a sample to ensure you know which Polished Plaster you are getting.


   What do Polished Plasters look like?


The finest Polished Plaster Spatula, is very smooth and cold to the touch. It has a reflective sheen.

The textures vary greatly depending on the product and style you require. Our Marmorino has a matt like shine while the Intonachino and Dilavato have textured surfaces. The Chamois / Velvet Marmorino is truly unique with a gentle soft sheen while being very fine in texture.



What polished plaster colours can you provide?


We have a standard colour range and can custom colour the products.


       Where can I use Polished Plastering?


Polished Plastering works well in both domestic and commercial settings. In domestic setting we use our finishes on feature walls, bathrooms and kitchens. In commercial projects we use them in boardrooms, reception areas, restaurants, bars and hotels.


       Can we create something unique?


Yes, we specialise in working with customers to create bespoke finishes. We can even use stencils to imprint designs into or raised out on the surface of the polished plastering finishes. Please contact us with your ideas as we love a challenge.


          Can you apply Polished Plaster to my Ceilings Walls and Bathrooms?


No we can't apply the Venetian Marble Polished Plaster, Stucco in Bathrooms.


          How long will Polished Plastering Last?


In Italy there are many examples of Marmorino on the exterior of the buildings. Therefore in modern buildings if the substrate is suitable the finish should out live the polished plaster applicator.



How to apply Polished plaster finish Smooth Stucco.


Applying Venetian Polished Plaster, the London Way. (Smooth Stucco).


1. Apply GG Quartz primer by roller or brush and leave to dry. 


2. Apply a fine layer of the Smooth Stucco polished plaster / PLVM or Fine Key coat to the wall and work over the surface to remove any obvious lines or scratches. Leave to dry.


3. Apply a consistent layer of Smooth Stucco polished plaster / PLVM  working it into the undercoat, and pass the trowel over the surface to remove any obvious lines.


4. Leave this layer to dry out a little and when it is just starting to show lighter patches, work a fine layer of the material into the first coat working progressively across the wall. 


5. Trowel the surface at 10 minutes intervals until the correct level of polish is achieved for this particular type of polished plaster finish.


6. The final surface will be highly polished with subtle movement and variation. Smooth Stucco polished plaster finish is a natural mineral material and if left in its natural state will allow the substrate to breathe. If protection against dirt and spillage is required it can be waxed with White Wax or Aquawax.




Recent posts from our news page




Paul Smith - Harrods, London Marmorino Spatula Polished Plastering Nov 12, 2017


Marmo Stucco have recently carried out a rather bright and certainly unique polished plaster project for fashion designer Paul Smith in hi-end department store , Harrods - London. Using a vibrant red, orange and pink combined with an off white colour in a our Marmorino spatula polished plaster finish which has a beautiful depth combined with a highly polished surface. Each colour has been divided using a brass trim.




Foot Asylum, Concrete Adidas displays. Sep 7, 2017


Towards the end of August Marmo Stucco carried out another two concrete polished plaster projects for two adidas displays to be used popular highstreet store Foot Asylum. One display went to the flagship store on Oxford Street and the other to Westfields, Stratford, London.


The displays were comprised of many varying MDF pieces from sets of steps to screen covers and box units with the adidas logo cut out. Each piece was a tricky task as they were odd shapes and every edge had a 5mm 45 degree bevelled edge which needed to be covered in polished plaster.


We always enjoy these projects when they come through the door as they are always different and test the boundaries in one way or another. This is our seventh such job and we look forward to carrying out many




Gold Leaf in the Gherkin - St. Mary's Axe Aug 15, 2017


Marmo Stucco have just finished creating a truly stunning bespoke Polished Plaster feature wall high up in London's infamous skyline inside one of London's landmark building, the Gherkin – 30 st Marys Axe EC3A 8EP.


We were approached by a design company who wanted to incorperate their clients logo into one of the walls in a private dining room that they were refurbishing. They were also keen to create the logo using a rich gold colour, so we suggested using a stencil and applying gold leaf to the recessed design that would be left behind when removing the stencil during our application.


We created 2 samples using a highly polished plaster "Marmorino Spatula" and another using our "pitted" polished plaster, the client choose the Spatula finish.


The results were stunning and its safe to say there isnt another wall like this anywhere else in London. A bespoke piece.




BELSTAFF - Fenwicks, Newcastle. Concrete polished plastering. Aug 14, 2017


Marmo Stucco have recently worked with high-end fashion label Belstaff, using our Honed Concrete polished plaster to great effect as a background for one of there "shop in shops" located in department store Fenwicks, Newcastle. Marmo Stucco were approached and asked to apply our polished plaster to MDF panels which were butted together on site to provide a subtle but effective backdrop for the fashion brands mens wear collection.


Marmo Stucco's polished plasters can be applied to MDF as well as a number of different substrates, in this case our polished plaster had been applied to the panels in our workshop to assist with a efficient install for the shopfitters allowing them to fit and finish the display in just one visit.




A Week Of Concrete Jul 1, 2018


Its not breaking news that Concrete and the use of Venetian Polished Plastering to re-create concrete effects has taken the London and the UK by storm. From Brutalistic interior designs to urban restaurants and trendy pop ups we've noticed the demand for our Concrete Collection has risen dramatically in the last six months and this week was no exception. Travelling north to Manchester to complete a 30m2 Distressed Concrete Polished Plaster wall with a colour wash for a noodle bar which is being revamped.


We ended the week back in London applying yet another Distressed Concrete finish to pedestals and bar panels for a one day pop up store/event for Australian boot and shoe designer R M Williams.




Crown Estate, Oxshott, Surrey. Swimming Pool area, Polished Plaster finishes - Travertine & Marmorino Spatula Jun 9, 2018


Marmo Stucco Ltd have once again completed another beautiful Venetian Polished Plaster interior in one of Surrey's Crown Estates monsterous new residential developments. Using our Travertine Polished plaster on the wall areas of this stunning basement swimming pool area and a clean crisp white Marmorino Spatula to the ceiling feature which playfully mirrors the reflective qualities of the water beneath.


This project was carried out for one of Surrey's leading property developers and came to a total area of 350m2 and completed with in a 20 day programme.


A bespoke coloured Travertine was created to compliment the floor and wall tiles used throughout this area. Travertine is an incredibly durable finish and has great directional and stone like qualities. Applied in just one colour it appears to have two or three tonal variations running throughout the finish.


With the property nearing its final stages and heading towards completion, we are looking forward to revisiting and capturing some high quality images to display on our website. <meta name="p:domain_verify" content="88cc5a025a4268f4542b2177516b8eed"/>


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