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When it comes to elevating the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces, few design elements are as captivating as polished plaster. This exquisite technique not only adds a touch of elegance but also infuses a sense of sophistication and transforms ordinary walls into stunning focal points.


We Are a Venetian Plaster Company Based In Surrey

We are specialist plastering contractors based in Epsom, Surrey and have been carrying out Polished Plaster applications in Surrey since the company's incorporation in 2015. In fact, our very first contract was in Oxshott's prestigous Crown Estate in KT22, where we applied approximately 450m2 of our Marmorino Spatula finish alongside a beautiful textured Venetian Plaster called Travertine


We cover the whole of the Surrey area with our beautiful surface finishes and have carried out projects in St. Georges Hill Estate, Weybridge, Wentworth Estate, Esher Park, Burwood Park and as previously mentioned the Crown Estate, Oxshott Surrey.


With a vast array of decorative Venetian plaster finishes available along with microcement options we are certain to be able to provide our clients with a finish that fits in with each individual design brief. We provide the option to create bespoke finishes along with custom colours, ensuring that our service rises above the rest.



What Does Venetian Polished Plaster Look Like?

A highly polished marble effect wall is the image that pops into most peoples minds when the words Polished Plaster or Venetian Plaster are mentioned - our version of the higly polished marble effect finish is named Marmorino Spatula. When approached by potential clients new to the art form, around 20% if not more are totally unaware that other polished plaster finishes exist. The truth is there are a vast selection of various different polished plaster finishes on the market today. Over the years polished plaster has been transformed from a material used as a cheap substitute for real marble years ago to a luxurious plaster surface finish - a real art form.


The main purpose of Venetian Plaster is to emulate natural stone finishes such as marble, limestone and now even man made concrete surfaces. With talented designers coming up with new polished plaster finishes using extremely thought out techniques, the list of finishes has grown, and with it, the demand for polished plaster in the interior design and architectural world.


Here at Marmo we have 9 standard Venetian plaster finishes which can be tweaked slightly to achieve different effects that will take your breath away, such as stencil designs, banding and bespoke finishes where the client directs us to the look they would like to achieve. This is just the beginning; we also have a range of different concrete finishes which will suit the more urban or industrial interior designs.


You can view our full range of finishes here and find out more information via our recent blog post 'What does Venetian Polished Plaster Look like?'





We are proud to offer an impressive range of standard colour options, which can be explored via our online Colour Chart.

As with our finishes, we are also able to provide bespoke colour options, with an accurate colour matching service to match RAL colour references, along with colour references of leading brands such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.



Surrey Venetian Plaster Project Examples

Perla Staircase Feature Wall Spanning 3 Floors - Cobham, Surrey - 65m2

Bespoke Pitted Texture to 3 floors - Esher Park, Surrey - 350m2 

Iridescent Perla Venetian Plaster Finish to 3 Floors of Stair Walls - Virginia Water - 350m2

Perla Polished Plaster Staircase Walls - St Georges Estate, Weybridge, Surrey - 250m2

Marmorino Spatula and Travertine Venetian Plaster - Oxshott, Surrey - 450m2

Perla Venetian Plaster to Communal Areas Across 4 Floors - St Georges Estate, Surrey - 1400m2

New Polished Plaster Projects In Surrey

We have strong relationships with some of Surrey's most renowned interior designers who have been specifying our Venetian Polished Plaster finishes on high end residential projects for the past 8 years, and with our continued commitment to producing high quality products and finishes, will do so for the foreseeable future.


We are always looking to build new relationships with Designers, Architects and Main Contractors in the Surrey area and would welcome a meeting at our Epsom-based offices. Please get in contact on the details below to arrange a meeting.


As shown on this page and throughout our website, Marmo Stucco are experts in Polished Plaster applications and have a vast polished plaster portfolio built predominantly in London and Surrey. If you are considering specifying polished plaster for your interior projects, or are involved in a project where polished plaster has in fact been specified, we would like to work with you and create an interior to add to the growing number of projects being completed across London and Surrey.


Do you have a Polished Plaster project in Surrey and would be interested in working with us?

As experts in Venetian polished plaster applications, we have a vast and impressive Venetian plaster portfolio built predominantly in London and Surrey, but also nationally and internationally.


As the range of Venetian Plaster products and techniques continues to grow, and with it, the demand for Venetian Plaster interiors in the design and architectural landscape, we are excited by the opportunity to work with new and existing clients both locally and nationally.


If you are considering specifying polished plaster for your upcoming interior project, or if you are involved in a project for which polished plaster has been specified, we would love to work with you to create another exquisite interior to add to the growing number of projects being completed across Surrey, London and beyond.

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