Harbour Hotel Southampton Polished Plaster Staircases


Marmo Stucco were the favoured contractors to apply a our polished plaster finish called Marmorino Spatula to two helical staircases in Southampton's newest hotel, Harbour Hotel. To say the least these two staircases would have been technically challenging in the most normal of circumstances, let alone on a busy site one week away from hand over. Naturally at this stage of a build trades are crawling all over site and seeing as theses were the main staircases upto the first floor and the lifts were out of use everyman and his dog wanted to get access up them while we were hard at work trying to apply our Venetian plaster finish.


Spiral staircases are generally tricky to gain access around safely and quickly to work the plaster as required and the inside of the spiral on this one was particularly small to get into. 


The stairs and balustrades were formed from reinforced concrete and then plastered over prior to our polished plaster being applied - it took some filling to get the substrate to an acceptable standard for us.


The results were outstanding, all sides and soffits were wrapped in the glossy venetian plaster making it a seamless surface of pure luxury and completed in a 5 day programme with 4 applicators.



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