The Versatility of Venetian Polished Plaster in Interior Design



In the world of architecture and design, a product with the ability to mimic a wide range of textures and materials is a powerful tool. Venetian Plaster, a decorative technique originating in the Renaissance period in Venice, has proven to be a versatile technique for achieving the look of various decorative surfaces including tiles, paint, concrete, marble and stone. Not only does it offer remarkable aesthetic possibilities, but it also comes with a whole host of benefits that set it apart fom traditional decorative materials. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of using Venetian Plaster to recreate various surfaces whilst exploring the numerous advantages it offers over traditional decorative products. 



A Seamless Alternative to Tiles - Venetian Plaster and Microcement

Tiles have long been a popular decorative feature, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Whilst they can introduce a diversity of colours and surface patterns, the unavoidable grout lines can create a sense of visual clutter, interrupting the overall aesthetic. 


Venetian Plaster can be used to skilfully emulate the look of tiles, but with the benefit of a seamless application, creating the illusion of space. If you are looking for a glossy finish, similar to a glazed tile, our Marmorino Spatula would be an excellent option. 


If you are looking for an alternative to tiling in an area exposed to a high level of moisture or humidity, such as in a shower enclosure, around a bath, or around a swimming pool, Microcement would be an ideal product to use due to its waterproof qualities and durability. As Microcement can be applied to both walls and flooring, as well as to form bathtubs, basins and shelving, it is a popular choice in bathrooms where it can be used to create a totally seamless finish. 



Venetian Plaster: The Simplicity of Paint, with Added Depth and Movement



With almost limitless colour ranges and a variety of standard finishes including matt, satin and gloss, paint is probably the most affordable and accessible material for interior decoration. Whilst it comes with the advantage of seamless, uninterrupted coverage, it can lack a sense of depth, warmth and movement. 


If you are looking to elevate your interior with a more luxurious finish, Venetian Plaster is an excellent alternative to paint. As well as our nine standard Venetian Plaster finishes, we also offer a decorative paint finish, Perla, which is hugely popular on design specifications for residential projects. The pearlescent hues of our Perla finishes are complimented beautifully by natural sunlight, and can also be accentuated with strategic artificial lighting, which is what really sets Perla apart from traditional paintwork. 



Concrete Effect Plaster Finishes



Industrialism and Brutalism are growing trends within the architectural design landscape, and concrete has become a popular choice in contemporary design for its ability to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic. 


Used incorrectly, however, concrete can feel cold, stark and imposing. 


Venetian Plaster and Microcement can be used to replicate the tonal and textural variations of concrete, with a heightened sense of warmth and luxury. At Marmo, we offer a range of concrete plaster finishes varying in texture and depth, all of which can be enhanced with colour washes, as well as three standard Microcement finishes ranging from smooth to coarse.



Emulating Marble and Natural Stone with Venetian Polished Plaster



Marble and natural stone are some of the most elegant materials in the interior design world. In light of this, they can however be some of the most costly and impractical to install. 


Venetian Plaster can be used to emulate the opulence of marble and the rustic charm of natural stone, for a significantly more cost-effective price. Venetian Plaster can be used to mimic the veining found in natural stone and marble, resulting in an equally luxurious finish at a fraction of the price. At Marmo, we offer Venetian Plaster finishes with a glossy, marbled effect, such as our Marmorino and Marmorino Spatula. Alternatively, our Dragged or Travertine finishes can be used to emulate the textural qualities of natural stone.



The Advantages of Specifying Venetian Plaster over Traditional Materials

Environmental Benefits



Unlike some of the traditional decorative materials above, Venetian Plaster products are composed largely from natural derivatives like limestone. This makes Venetian Plaster a much more eco-friendly option compared with the resource-intensive processes associated with the extraction and manufacture of natural stone, tiles, or concrete. Venetian Plaster is odourless and emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), negating any health risks for those who may be affected by allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues. 






Whilst Venetian Plaster does require skilled applicators, the installation process is generally faster, quieter, cleaner and less intrusive than that of concrete, tiles, marble or natural stone, ensuring a more peaceful living environment during interior renovations. 






Venetian Plaster surfaces are highly durable, resistant to wear and easy to maintain, especially with proper substrate preparation. Most finishes simply require an occasional polish or wax to maintain their quality. In contrast, materials like natural stone require regular sealing and upkeep to retain their appearance, and conventional decorative surfaces like paint and wallpaper are more susceptible to wear and tear such as chipping, peeling, flaking and fading. 


Due to the natural limestone content, Venetian Plaster has anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal qualities, with an ability to repel mould, mildew and damp. This means surfaces can be far easier to clean than alternatives such as tiling, where grout lines and sealant are more susceptible to mould build up. 


Microcement products provide a completely waterproof application system from start to finish, making them a perfect choice for wet, humid areas like swimming pools, wet roms and bathrooms. As with Venetian Plaster, Microcement is easily maintanable, requiring a simple clean with a mop or cloth once or twice a week. 



Functionality and Practicability



Venetian Plaster and Microcement finishes can be applied to a versatility of surfaces including curved walls, ceilings, columns and furniture, where traditional materials might be challenging to install. Its versatility enables seamless integration into diverse design schemes. 


Venetian Plaster is perhaps one of the most versatile products on the market when it comes to interior design and decoration. With an impressive ability to emulate the elegance of tiles, the seamlessness of paint, the urban appeal of concrete, and the luxury of marble and natural stone, it makes sense that Venetian Plaster is a go-to choice for Architects and Interior Designers looking to elevate internal spaces. It is also an excellent option for those with sustainability, practicability and durability in mind. Whichever aesthetic you are aiming for, Venetian Plaster opens the doors to endless design possibilities that are both visually captivating and environmentally concscious.



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