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Marmo Stucco Ltd are an exclusive company specialising in Venetian Polished Plaster applications and Decorative surface finishes, predominantly operating thoughout London and Surrey as well as the U.K's major cities. Our experience spans all sectors such as high-end residential and commercial projects including retail environments, restaurants, bars and office spaces.


We work alongside some of London's and the U.K's major construction companies as well as award winning interior designers and architects, creating stunning Venetian Polished Plaster interiors that we are extremely proud of. You can view a selection of past projects through our portfolio.


We offer a professional and thorough service providing solutions not problems. From the first point of contact our clients have our full attention; communicating and taking the time to understand their requirements and expectations is just a small part of what makes our service stand out from the rest. Marmo Stucco offers a simple and measured approach that enables us to not only meet but also exceed our clients' expectations.


You can be assured that we have the business systems and experience to handle your polished plaster project expertly from start to finish. Working with you from initial planning, providing bespoke colour matches and product samples, always putting our clients' needs at the top of our agenda, through to completion where expectations are not only met but exceeded. No matter the project size or complexity, we are the right team for you. 

A Reputation To Be Proud Of


We are proud of the reputation we have worked extremely hard to earn with our existing clients and throughout the industry. We are always working to better our services. We aim to be efficient in both communications and execution of our applications, producing what we, and many of our clients, consider to be up there with the highest quality Venetian Polished Plaster interiors in the country.


Our work is carried out to the highest standards with a fully trained team of professional applicators offering their support throughout your project. From conception to completion you will have our full customer support, and we are always here to help.


MD's Statement


At the very heart and soul of Marmo Stucco Ltd is Managing Director, Richard Pearce. Discovering the art of Venetian Polished Plaster at an early age, an obsession formed and rapidly developed into a business venture fuelled by passion and creativity.


" I had been working in the industry for over 9 years before starting Marmo Stucco back in 2015. The company has already built an impressive client base and reputation, carrying out projects for major contractors MACE, Bouygues and SwiftCrafted as well as some of Surrey's prestigious property developers, all achieved within 6 months of founding Marmo Stucco.


Working with some of the U.K's award winning architects and interior designers has allowed Marmo Stucco to work on a wide variety of projects, from high end residential projects to producing one off bespoke applications for globally recognised brands such as Adidas, Paul Smith & Harrods, to name a few. We have worked on some of London's famous landmarks including The Royal Opera House and "The Gherkin" and we look forward to undertaking many more high profile polished plaster projects over the coming years.


Our focus remains fixed on producing world class Polished Plaster interiors and building relationships with our existing and future clients through providing an exceptional level of customer service, always willing to put the extra mile in to exceed expectations.


We are pushing the business forward, expanding Marmo Stucco's coverage to the North of England in the major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. Delighted with the progress of the business to date, we look forward to the bright prospects for the future."


The Venetian Plasters we use are manufactured in state of the art plants with certified raw materials, processed in full respect of the environment. They stand for low chemical content - less than 1.5% - and the absence of VOC's.


Lime is an acient, eco-friendly, renewable and highly resistant material. It originates from pebbles rich in calcium carbonate which are transformed into slaked lime in a journey through tradition and technology.


As well as using eco-friendly materials, we also re-use and recycle as much of our product as possible, and take additional steps such as cleaning and re-using our plastic mixing tubs as well as trying to minimise material wasteage.

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This polished plaster specification is soley for the benefit of the client focusing on build quality and surface flatness, to better expectations of the architect and project managers.


Applying polished plaster puts alot of pressure on the substrate. Polished plaster will not shrink or crack on its own. Cracks in the substrate will infiltrate through the finish polished plaster wall. 



Venetian plaster London & surrounding areas


Venetian polished Plaster can emulate the gorgeous and glamorous look of polished marble or natural lime stone to your interior plus many more natural finishes. Marmorino Spatula is a smooth finish with huge depth and deep lustrous shine is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone appearance of natural marble surfaces, adding visual interest depth and charm. The warm hues of Venetian polished Plaster are suited to high hand classic interior spaces from residential commercial and retail to more urban settings like bars clubs and pubs. You can bring your space to life with the unique decoration of a polished plaster concrete finish. The include, Honed, Distressed and polished finishes plus many more.


Marmo stucco is an Exclusive Company based in Surrey and London dedicated to Excellence, Craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. We can offer an infinite range of venetian polished Plaster designs to our London clients and Finishes to suit your interior style needs and place guarantees on all work produced. to provide a professional and friendly service to all our customers. We are proud to be using the best possible polished plasters on the market from our Italian based supplier. Data sheets and technical information about our venetian polished plaster products and manufacturer can be provided upon request.

At Marmo Stucco we specialise in beautiful Venetian polished plaster applications predominantly in the London and Surrey area. We also have a wide range of concrete effect polished plaster wall finishes and Decorative Paint finishes throughout London the UK and abroad. We apply our venetian polished plaster to all areas in London including Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill. In Surrey we have worked in the Weybridge area as well as Oxshott and Esher. We work alongside major construction companies, architects and interior designers in and around London. Here at Marmo we offer wide range of Venetian marble plaster and Polished Plaster finishes ensuring we have the perfect Polished Plaster finish for your U.K or London based project. 

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