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In the United Kingdom Polished plaster is used primarily in hi-end projects, be it residential or commercial polished plaster is for the high end of these construction markets. London is the hub of polished plaster in the UK. 90% of our project enquiries either come from London or are about projects based in London. Other UK cities have vast amounts of polished plaster but it seems to be London is still the main area for such work.


Polished Plaster 2023


Nobody can tell what the year 2023 holds for the Polished Plaster industry but here at Marmo we have been working hard to strengthen our existing client relationships with as well as forming new ones. We continue to advance our Venetian Polished Plaster colour range, adding new colours on a weekly basis making sure we have the right colour for your potential project. Certain finishes/effects are still trending, such as the Concrete Plaster effects.



Our growing portfolio is not only concentrated in London but all over the U.K. We are particularly proud of our commercial portfolio, working with some of the retail games, biggest names.



Polished Plaster has been used in London for quite sometime now and used to great effect in a wide range of environments. From the Hi-end residential properties to classy bars and restaurants where ever you are in London theres a good chance you are only a stones throw away from a hidden polished plaster interior whether a feature wall in an office building or a vast expanse of polished plaster hidden deep in londons infamous residential basements, perhaps sitting above a swimming pool mirroring the reflections of the water beneath.



When we mention 'You are only a stones throw away' from a polished plaster interior in London we believe this is true - we also believe you are most probably only a short distance away from one of our London based Polished Plaster projects.



We have worked all over London From Central London to all other four extremities, Working in Londons landmarks such as "The Gherkin" or St. Marys Axe creating a one of bespoke application for use in a sky high private members lounge. To Office lobby areas in Mayfair, Luxury department stores such as Harrods - London, Selfridges and Westfield.



You can be sure to find our polished plaster close by when walking around the famous city.



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