Polished Plaster London - Marmorino Spatula Staircase
Polished Plaster London - Marmorino Spatula Staircase

Polished Plaster


Yes! This is the image that pops into most peoples heads when the words Polished Plaster are mentioned - The highly polished marble effect finish, different companies have different product names for this polished plaster finish but at Marmo Stucco we call this Marmorino Spatula. When approached by potential clients around 20% if not more are totally unaware that other polished plasters exist! The truth is there are a vast selection of various different polished plaster finishes on the market today. Over the years polished plaster has been transformed from a material used as a cheap substitute for real marble years ago to a luxurious polished plaster surface finish - a real art form.


The main effect of polished plaster is to emulate natural stone finishes such as marble and limestone and now even man made concrete surfaces. With talented designers coming up with new polished plaster finishes using extremely thought out techniques the list of finishes has grown and with it the demand for polished plaster in the interior design/architectural world.





Polished Plaster Company UK - Venetian Plaster Company UK

In the United Kingdom Polished plaster is used primarily in hi-end projects, be it residential or commercial polished plaster is for the high end of these construction markets. London is the hub of polished plaster in the UK. 90% of our project enquiries either come from London or are about projects based in London. Other UK cities have vast amounts of polished plaster but it seems to be London is still the main area for such work.



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