Nandos Venetian Polished Plaster - Numerous Locations

During the past 3 years we have worked closely with the Architects who design the interiors and exteriors for Nandos as well as the contractors who bring the visions to life. Aiding them in creating bespoke textures for use on the projects, they often come to us with ideas that stretch the limitations of the polished plaster materials but this is what makes working on a Nandos so exciting and different to most other restaurants. Nandos love to fill there spaces with often exotic finishes and highend surfaces which we are proud to be a part of - No two Nandos are the same.



Our finishes have been used to great effect on small areas incorporating the Nandos "peri peri Story" with small lettering often in red recessed into a dark grey Distressed Concrete finish. Larger areas have also been completed, the Nandos in Eltham required a large hit of around 80m2 to be applied at high level. Venetian plaster is suitable for large expanses of wall or ceiling areas with would often be bland or lifeless with out texture.


Nandos restaurants we have worked on so far include: Dundee, Glasgow, Swindon, Bromley, Southgate, Twickenham, Eltham, Croydon Collonades, Norwich & Reading.

Nandos - Dundee, Scotland. Distressed Plaster

Nandos - Bromley, London. Bespoke Venetian Plaster

Nandos - Swindon, Distressed Plaster

Nandos - Twickenham, Stencil Design

Nandos - Eltham, High Level Stencil Design

Nandos - Collonades, Croydon

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