What Does Polished Plaster Look Like?


A highly polished marble like wall is the image that pops into most peoples heads when the words Polished Plaster are mentioned - The highly polished marble effect finish, different companies have different product names for this polished plaster finish but at Marmo Stucco we call this Marmorino Spatula. When approached by potential clients around 20% if not more are totally unaware that other polished plasters exist! The truth is there are a vast selection of various different polished plaster finishes on the market today. Over the years polished plaster has been transformed from a material used as a cheap substitute for real marble years ago to a luxurious polished plaster surface finish - a real art form.


The main effect of polished plaster is to emulate natural stone finishes such as marble and limestone and now even man made concrete surfaces. With talented designers coming up with new polished plaster finishes using extremely thought out techniques the list of finishes has grown and with it the demand for polished plaster in the interior design/architectural world.


Here are Marmo we have 9 standard Venetian plaster finishes which can be combined and tweaked slightly to achieve different effects that will take your breath away, such as stencil designs, banding and bespoke finishes where you direct us as to the finish you are looking to achieve! This is just the beginning, we have a range of different concrete finishes also which will suit your urban interior.


Below we will explain the aesthetics of our standard 9 finishes as well as mentioning our bespoke services and stencilling/banding works.


Marmorino Spatula - Looks like Polished Marble




Marmorino Spatula polished plaster has the look and feel of real marble stone. It is silky smooth and cool to the touch. It has beautiful reflective qualities that bounces light around the interior space.


Mostly used in contemporary interiors either in subtle colours or as a striking feature it is sure to give your interior the highend look and feel.

Marmorino Polished Plaster - Stone Like Appearance



Marmorino has a mottled look to the finish but this can be made to look more rugged and pronounced depending on how the Marmorino is applied. 


It can be applied with no or little surface movement or with a very pronounced pattern running through it.


Either hihgly polished or left slightly more matt.

Smooth Stucco Venetian Plaster - Consistently Polished Surface




Smooth Stucco Has a seamlessy polished surface with a richness and depth provided by its unique speckle or fleck. 


It is silky smooth to the touch and can be applied with minimal "movement" with in the finish i.e the amount of pattern.


minimalistic but a technical application ot master.

Pitted Polished Plaster - Textured, Not Rough To The Touch



Pitted Has the appearance of weathered stone, limestone perhaps, in some forms. It is a hugely under estimated finish but when used correctly in conjunction with the correct lighting, this finish is really brought to life.


Whether it be natural or synthetic, light casted shadows on the pitted areas of the polished plaster finish and created depth and drama.


The finish is still silky smooth to the touch, not what one might think at first sight.

Dragged Effect Polished Plaster - Textured and Directional



Dragged This polished plaster effect is another stone effect and has the look of stone that has been weathered by the elements in a directional flow.


Dragged can be applied with the effect flowing horizontally, vertically or even in a diagonal direction. 


The texture is further enhanced by lighting and can help with creating the illusion of a longer or taller wall when used appropriately.

Granito Venetian Plaster - A Heavily Textured Stone Effect



Granito is one of the more textured finishes in our range. It has a rugged appearance and slightly rough to the touch - some might say its a heavier version of our pitted finish.


It adds drama and depth to walls and ceilings where required and like most of the textured polished plaster finishes, it is further enhanced when light boucnes of the surface, casting shadows. Which in turn gives the look of a more three dimensional effect.

SMG Venetian Plaster - Flawlessly Polished To A Mirror Finish


SMG is a very special looking polished plaster finish. It is abnormally shiny in appearance and has minimal or no surface movement or patter almost like a sheet of glass when viewed from an angle. It has a depth like no other polished plaster finish. Usually applied with approximately 6-7 coats.


This finish looks best when used in certain colours, black and white are the ideal colours for this finish.


SMG works well in areas where natural light is present.

Travertine Polished Plaster - Looks like Natural Weathered Stone

Travertine this Venetian plaster is created using a course marble grain that is added to the plaster mix. The application technique creates a plaster finish that looks like weathered stone with either a horizontal or vertically dragged texture. 


This finish works well in pool areas and large expanses of wall space to provide the wall with the look and feel of texture and depth.


A beautiful banding effect can be created using this polished plaster. Generally a contrasting smooth plaster is applied on top to create direction bands which follow the flow of the Travertine. Marmorino Spatula or Marmorino work very well when used correctly

Stencil Design Polished Plaster - Embossed or Reccessed Looks


Stencil Design The versatility of Venetian plaster allows creative techniques to be used to create different looks, as this blog shows above. We can also take this one step further by incorporating design work into our polished plaster finishes. 


We can use stencils to either recess or emboss designs with in our finishes, company logos, text and art work designs can be used to great effect as in this example here. This design was a Peri Peri story for a Nandos restaurant in Eltham.

Banding Venetian Plaster Effect - Horizontal or Vertical Stripes

Banding Polished Plaster This striking method can take on very different looks. The "bands" can be created in different widths, constistant widths or varying sizes to create a "barcode" effect. The stripes can be either horizontal or vertically applied. 


Contrasting finishes create a beautiful effect, generally a textured polished plaster is used as a background then a smoother contrasting finish is applied on top to create the bands/stripes.


The effect can really be enhanced by using contrasting colours or simply sticking to the same colour in different shades.

Bespoke Polished Plaster - Working Together to Bring Your Vision To Life



Bespoke  As we have already demonstrated with our stencil designs and banding creations, polished plaster is a extremely versatile material - this in tern allows us to create where required bespoke finishes and colours to match a particular brief or design.


The possibilities are endless and we will work with you to bring your vision to life. A wide range of looks can be achieved, we can take inspiration from existing finishes and make small changes to create a new finish especially for your project.


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